Recommending a blog Coding with Empathy

Today I’m starting a new series of post. Every last Sunday of each month I’ll recommend a new blog. Each blog will be one I often read, and find worthwhile to spend time on. The posts will be kept short and to the point, to let you spend more time exploring the blog in questions yourself.

This Sunday I want to recommend Coding with Empathy, written by Pavneet Singh Saund. It is a blog that puts a lot of focus on empathy in software development, and how we as developers can become better by focusing more on empathy and soft skills.

##Why I read Coding with Empathy
I’ve been following this blog for some time now, and Pavneet writes well-written and thought-provoking posts. Many which have made me think more about my way of dealing with different aspects of life. He also shares a variety of resources, and my book reading list has increased after reading some of his posts.

##One post to read
One post I’d like to point out in particular is one called You suck at listening! In this post he goes into how developers (and people in general) tends to jump to conclusions and respond to people based on previous experience. Pavneet argues that if we improve our listening skills, we can communicate better and thus improve our people skills.

Anyway, I recommend you head over to Coding with Empathy now, and read some of the posts there!

2 thoughts on “Recommending a blog Coding with Empathy

  1. Wow, totally humbled to be featured in this blog-series, Leif!

    It’s interesting to read your perspective on the blog. I am learning as I go, and many of the posts are my attempt to put words to perspectives and behaviour I find valuable. I often go back and re-read and remind myself of these learnings. Empathy is a skill I find great value in practicing every day, and I have a long way to go. I learn the most when people engage in discussions in the comments, or give other feedback, like this post 🙂

    Again, congrats on the new blog-series! Sounds like a great way to spread worthy blogs. Looking forward to see which other blogs you recommend!

    1. Thank you for stopping by to comment!

      You do a great job on putting words on your perspectives in any case. Empathy is definitely something one need to practice, which is something I’ve come to realize by following your blog, so thank you for that!

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