After about 2,5 years, or so, at Intelecy and the startup life, I have decided to move into another direction. As of today, I have joined Novanet as a senior consultant.

The decision to leave the startup world

It was no easy decision to change my job. It was one that comes as a late response to my burnout last year. After I came back to work, it took a while before I felt I was back in the game a 100%. Even though we tried quite a few things, to facilitate my work situation, I kind of felt some of the previous symptoms sneaking up on me again.

In late December 2019, it was my turn to stay home with my son, and I went on paternity leave. It was supposed to last until mid-May. After about a month or so, I realized that I felt relaxed (and if you have kids, you know it’s not relaxing to take care of them!) and that something inside me didn’t want to return to my job. Reflecting on this over some time I realized a few things.

When I got the opportunity to join the startup, I was single, didn’t have a kid, and was ready to work as hard as a startup required. When becoming a father, I did not manage to put my mind to ease with balancing startup life and family life. Even though it was not expected externally, internally I certainly had expectations of how much I would work, working for a startup. Consistently feeling that I’m not putting in enough hours (even though I put in the required hours) kept draining my energy and happiness levels.

I consulted with my friends and founders of Intelecy, and we tried to see if there was any way for me to stay. However, being a startup, it’s difficult to be able to find ways that would make my mind happy. Then the opportunity at Novanet came along, and I, along with the founders of Intelecy, agreed it would be best for all parties to take the opportunity.

Leaving friends and my second family

Having been a part of Intelecy since the very beginning, I, of course, become very close with the people working there, and the product itself. It’s sad to leave, and telling the rest of the team the news was one of the harder things I’ve done. But they understood me, and we’re separating on good terms. I have no doubt in my mind that they will succeed in their mission, as they have a great and highly competent team. I will be rooting for them going forward.

My new role

My new role is as a senior consultant. Novanet is a company providing system development and architectural consulting, primarily focused on .NET. They have very exciting clients and projects, and I think that no matter what I’ll end up working with, I’ll have fun and take my skills to a new level. They have a strong internal community, where everyone is eagerly sharing their knowledge, through their blog, internal and external speaking sessions, webinars, and more. I hope to be able to contribute positively, and hopefully, also be able to do more blogging on my blog as well.

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